Posted by: travelasiapress | April 8, 2009

MSGP launches green initiative for motor sports

MSGP launches green initiative for motor sports

Motor sport fraternity can offset their energy consumption via innovative means

03 April 2009, Malaysia – MSGP with the support of Mr. Bernie Ecclestone has launched a green initiative whereby the motor sport fraternity can offset their energy consumption through renewable energy which is returned to the international energy market.

Motor sport racing have always been a technological platform where the most progressive engineering solutions are tested and if successful, produced for the mass market. MSGP is a project born with a similar premise to develop and test the most advanced solutions for the production of energy from alternative renewable sources. This will be generated from energy production stations which will use natural sources such as sun,
wind, water, geothermal sources, tidal and osmosis.

For instance, in Formula One the energy consumed within permanent structures such as pit buildings, the construction of temporary facilities within the circuit park, the lighting of night races can be offset by the energy produced in the MSGP Production Centres.

The first MSGP Production Centre will be built in Singapore within the next few months to balance the energy consumption of the Lighting System for the 2009 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. If the pilot project in Singapore is successful, more production centres will be built worldwide.

MSGP aims to complete testing of the project by 2010 and hopes to offer the majority of major motor sport racing events held in 2011 the opportunity to have zero energy impact. The MSGP project is jointly developed by Italians, Mr. Valerio Maioli, who is the lighting consultant of the Singapore Grand Prix, and Mr. Alessandro Leoni, who has extensive experience in the field.

“The FIA is already taking a step in the right direction by encouraging the teams to be more energy efficient. My opinion is that it should not stop there. The MSGP represents a crucial milestone in the environmental development of motor racing and is open to everyone in the motor racing industry,” said Valerio Maioli.


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